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BitCave Mini

20FT BitCave Turnkey Mining Container

The cost-effective way to invest in an elite mining container.

With a capacity of 720 S9 Antminers, MiningStore’s 20ft BitCave Mini is the industry leader for a cost-effective investment into a mining container solution.

The BitCave Mini is a 20ft mining container designed to maximize profits because of its unmatched capacity. The BitCave Mini allows you to capitalize on all the perks that mining containers provide while cutting the investment barrier of entry in half. 

Just like our full-size BitCave, this is truly a plug’n’mine container that can be deployed in a few short weeks with the cheapest power rates in the country. 

Innovative Design

The BitCave’s innovative design is proven to maximize ventilation and server density in hot climates. Each container has 160,000 CFM which allows it to support up to 720 S9 Bitcoin miners.

Simple Installation

The BitCave is truly a plug’n’mine hosting container. Once the power is plugged in and there is an established internet connection the Bitcave starts mining instantly. 

Container Management

Your BitCave container and every server inside can be hosted, supported and maintained by MiningStore’s highly experienced staff and specialized software systems. Invest with ease while MiningStore keeps your mining container running at peak efficiency.

Bitcave Mini Specs

Hosting Capacity

The MiningStore Bitcave Mini is our 20-ft mining container. The Bitcave can host up to 800 S9 Bitcoin Miners @ 1400 Watts each. This totals to 1.1 MW of actual load.

Power Distribution

• Input voltage provided at 415 Volts Primary to Primary, with 240 Volts Primary to Neutral
• Internal distribution via single‐pole 240V, 2 miners per 15A circuit

Cooling and Ventilation (To Maintain –40 to 113 °F)

• 20 ft Container: Eight 48 inch fans or 160,000 CFM
• Rooftop Convection cooling available for additional cooling capacity, or cold air recirculation mix if needed

Exterior Dimensions (Installed)

20 ft Long x 9 ft Wide x 9ft 6in High. Door opening = 7’ 8’’ w × 8’ 6’’ h.

Approximate Empty Weight

5,100 lbs

Shipping Dimension

• 20 ft Long x 8 ft Wide x 9ft 6in High

Exterior Clearance Suggested

• 15 ft on each side (Multiple containers should have hot exhaust sides facing away from each other)