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Mining Hardware

ASIC Miners

Save money and deploy your ASIC miners fast with MiningStore’s direct partnerships to the most well-known ASIC manufactures such as Bitmain, AvalonMiner, DragonMint, PandaMiner, Innosilicon! We offer the best Bitcoin mining hardware and the newest ASIC miners on the market!

GPU Miners

Interested in GPU Mining? MiningStore offers professional quality cryptocurrency plug-and-play GPU miners which can be hosted by us or shipped to your location. All of our GPU mining rigs are covered by an extended warranty and include customer service support. We also over-clock and optimize our customers GPUs to ensure maximum profitability!

Cases & Server Infastructure

MiningStore understands all the different parts of data mining and the infrastructure required. We have built out multiple data centers and pride ourselves in the professionalism of the task. We can offer all the necessary parts for your server needs including cases, screws, risers, motherboards, server cases, fans, racks, etc.

Hardware Procurement

MiningStore has been active in the mining community for over 5 years. With this time we’ve made some great connections that allow us to source just about any type of hardware you may need. Get in touch with us about what you’re looking for and we will track it down.