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Biostar Solar Farm Bitcave

Biostar Renewables Stranded Solar Bitcoin Mining Container Deployment

Biostar Bitcoin Mining Container Deployment

In Q4 of 2018, MiningStore partnered with renewable energy leader, Biostar Renewables, to deploy a one-megawatt bitcoin mining container to their solar farm in Temecula, California. The project solitifed the relationship between bitcoin miners and energy producers by proving the benefits mobile bitcoin mining provides to stranded energy assets. 

Energy Benefits Provided From Bitcoin Mining

Production tax credits are driving a record number of wind and solar installations that are coming online. This, plus non-existent tax incentives for transmission infrastructure, is creating a highly-inefficient and oversupplied grid. Mobile bitcoin mining enables power producers to invest in a highly-profitable mobile load capacitor which can help better monetize energy assets. MiningStore’s mobile mining deployments convert this waste into value at the source of waste by monetizing energy that has no demand due to either missing transmission infrastrucutre or an oversupplied local grid.