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Grundy Center Electric Co-Op Building Deployment

Grundy Center Electric Co-Op Building Deployment

MiningStore Bitcoin Mining Building

In late 2019, MiningStore decided to construct a highly-advanced and one-of-a-kind bitcoin mining building at our Grundy Center, Iowa location. The building houses 5.4-megawatts of our client’s and company’s servers. This innovative project served as a benchmark for efficiency as the building took less than 12-weeks to successfully construct and energize.

Bitcoin Mining Hosting

The 5.4-megawatt building houses a mix of new generation bitcoin mining servers for our valued clients. We can deploy another building for an average cost of $150,000 per MW if you are interested in purchasing your own!

Bitcoin Mining Innovation

MiningStore is always looking to improve the mining process to create a frictionless experience for our clients. The bitcoin mining building seen here is one of MiningStore’s many innovations in the mining space – we expect to deploy a minimum of 3 additional buildings to our Iowa facility in 2020 and will continue to improve the speed and efficiency throughout the process.