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Best ASIC Miner for Bitcoin Mining Hardware In 2019?

An ASIC miner, or Application-specific integrated circuit, is the long-standing choice for Bitcoin mining hardware in 2019. These tiny little computer chips have been built with the sole purpose of solving blocks, and far outperform their CPU and GPU counterparts. Choosing the best BTC miner for your mining operation can be a tricky decision, especially if you are new to the industry (If so, read our post, What is Bitcoin Mining). Regardless of a ASIC miner’s potential profit, its initial cost will do much to lay the timeline for your ROI. If you plan to invest in Bitcoin mining this year, here are some ASIC miners to look at;

Bitmain Antminer S9i

We'll start our list with the Antminer S9, because it is still by far the most popular ASIC miner. The BTC miner's performance led its producer Bitmain, to report over 1.1 Billion in profits in Q1 2018. Bitmain has begun production of the S9i model, and each S9 ASIC miner contains 189 ASIC chips producing a maximum 14 TH/s hashrate. They do this while consuming around 1300W of electricity. Due to their self-contained design, S9s are incredibly compact, and don’t require extra hardware to run, save the power supply.

ASIC miner

Halong Dragonmint T1

Everyone’s got their eye on the Dragonmint BTC miner this year. Running at 16TH/s while only consuming about 1480W, the Dragonmint promises to be one of the most efficient ASIC miners on the market. With such a high demand, the Halong Dragonmint comes with a hefty price tag, but access to lower electricity costs could ensure a higher long-term ROI.

ASIC miner

ASICminer 8 Nano

Running at only 48db, the 8 Nano by ASICminer promises to be the quietest miner on the market. Each 8 Nano runs at 40 TH/s, and consumes just 2100W. With a liquid cooling system, efficient fans, and radiators, these ASIC miners will remain cool under pressure.

What makes these BTC miners unique is the ability to easily mount them together. The ASICminer website even states “A farm of 50 miners can be assembled on latches by two people in less than an hour”.

ASIC miner

Ebang Ebit E11++

Being released in April, this beast will definitely be a top BTC miner to consider. Running at a whopping 44TH/s each, they also only consume about 2000W. The Ebit E11++ is cooled with an independent heat sink using the “latest bonding technology”, and two computer controlled fans. This ASIC miner is on the high end of initial cost, but promises to be a great choice as far as profitability over time.

ASIC miner

Bitmain Antminer T9

Less powerful and efficient than the S9i, the Antminer T9 BTC miner is considered a more reliable option for long term ASIC mining rigs. Producing 12.5 TH/s, it’s only barely weaker than the S9i, though it does consume a little more electricity, at just under 1600W. What makes them reliable is the higher quality chips, which won’t burn out as quickly. This means less maintenance, and more time spent mining.

ASIC miner


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